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Frequently Asked Questions



We'd like to think that we've covered every eventuality within our FAQs but there may be something you need to know that we've overlooked, in which case please contact us at and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.




How do I make a booking?

To make a booking we advise our clients to use our online booking system. Here you can get a quote using our quote generator and follow the steps to make your booking. Or email

How do I make a last minute booking?

If you are hoping to travel in the next 24 hours you can still check availability online.  But if your search doesn’t offer any transfer times it may be best to call our office and if you are hoping to travel on the same day you will have to call our office to check availability and make a booking.

What information do I need to make a booking?

To make a booking we will need your flight details, including landing time at the airport and departure time for your return trip, as well as the corresponding flight numbers. We will also need your accommodation details including full address in resort, a mobile contact number and email address, as well as basic information like your name, the number of passengers travelling and if you need any child seats.

How do I pay for my transfer?

Payment must be made online at the time of the booking. You must pre-pay your ticket to secure it, this can be done at the time of booking online, or over the telephone for last minute bookings.

Can I pay in cash?

Payment in cash is not possible, to reserve a place your must pre-book. This is standard practice in the transfer industry. Check out our terms for more detail on payment.


We are a large group, can we all travel together?

We have a variety of vehicles sizes to cater to all groups although much of our fleet are 8 seater Renault traffics. We do also have coaches available so if you would like to travel in a coach please speak to our office team directly.


What is a shared Transfer?

A shared transfer is when you share with other passengers, with shared transfers there can be a wait on arrival and there will be other pick ups and drop offs in the resort.


What is a private Transfer?

A private transfer is when the vehicles is booked just for you and your party, we tailor the times to your flight details only.


Where is your Welcome Desk located in Geneva Airport?

You will find our Welcome Desk in the Arrivals Hall at Geneva Airport located next to the Montreux Jazz Café. After collecting your luggage in the luggage collection hall, exit into the arrivals hall and take a RIGHT. Walk about 20 meters toward the Montreux Jazz café where you will see our desk on the left hand side.


Do I need to print my ticket?

No need to print the ticket, but you MUST have it either available in print form or on a mobile device, ready to show our transfer desk and driver. If you do not have your ticket to hand they may have the right to refuse travel, having the ticket printed or readily available ensures we can deal with your transfers as quickly as possible.


Can I make changes to my booking?

All refund requests or cancellations need to be done in writing and sent via email to The company refund policy is as follows:






Notice Period 0 to 2 day

0% refund given

0% refund given

0% refund given

Notice Period 2 to 7 days

0% refund given

50% voucher

50% refund given

Notice Period over 7 days

50% voucher

100% voucher

100% refund given

Notice Period more than 14 days

50% voucher

100% voucher

100% refund given

*The refund % is calculated on the original ticket price — extra luggage and seat options are exempt. Once you have booked your transfer any extra fees such as additional bags/ski bags/baby seats are non-refundable for standard tickets.


Do you offer credits for a booking for any reason?

ChamExpress cannot provide a credit for any booking. If a passenger has booked a flexi ticket, date changes are possible, but the client must be able to supply the new travel date within the season (Dec-April, June –September). Standard ticket holders can make changes to the bookings as per the amendment fee. Should the client not wish to travel within the season, the standard cancellation policy will apply which you can find below or in our terms and conditions.


What is your refund / cancellation policy?

All refund requests or cancellations need to be stated in writing and sent via email to The full ChamExpress refund policy is listed in our terms and conditions.


I want to change my pick-up/drop-off point. Can I tell the driver?

All changes to bookings can be made by emailing or by telephoning the ChamExpress Office. Drivers are specifically instructed not to take messages or details of changes to bookings as they can get lost, and we must know if advance of these changes so our drivers can properly plan their route in resort.


Do you offer a door to door service?

Yes we do in most resorts, this will also be if the vehicle can reach your location (Pedestrianized locations may require you to walk to a meeting point) and the address must be within the boundaries of the resort booked. For transfers to Saint Gervais we only offer a drop off at the Bettex Lift station.


Will I have to change vehicle?

Transfers to Morzine and Chamonix are generally direct services, with the transfers to Megève and Courmayeur there may be a vehicle change in Le Fayet or Sallanches but this is not always necessary and can vary day to day.


What if my flight is delayed? If your flight is delayed please arrive at the airport desk as normal. These are our standard procedure for flight delays-


Shared Transfers– We will move you to the next available transfer should you miss your original transfer. Remember FlexiTicket holders get priority. But this may still mean a wait on arrival and we cannot guarantee seat availability, the standard modification policy applies.


Private Transfers–With a delay on a private transfer our driver will wait for you a maximum of 1h. If the delay becomes significant we may have to rearrange your transfer or move you to the next available shared transfer.

If you wish to secure a later transfer in advance of your arrival in the airport, you may be required to pay a re-booking fee or purchase a new ticket. Check the Ticket modification policy above where these changes apply to each ticket type.

For more information about what happens in the case of a delay please check our terms and conditions.


What if I missed my flight?

If you miss your flight and thus your booked transfer you may be required to purchase a new transfer seat and could be subject to additional wait times on arrival. Please call our office so we can assist in rearranging your travel.


My flight to Geneva has been diverted. What do I do?

ChamExpress only operate out of Geneva Airport. Should your flight be diverted to another airport then ChamExpress will be unable to transfer you. You should seek reimbursement from your airline or travel insurance for any additional costs incurred. Any subsequent transfer that you wish us to arrange, once you have arrived at Geneva Airport, will be charged for as per the Ticket Modification Policy. Remember – the airline is obligated to get you to the original airport of choice, so contact them to see what has been arranged.


When do you collect me for my transfer from the resort?

When making a booking you must ensure you select a transfer leaving ample time before your flight departs. We will send you an SMS the day before you travel with your precise pick up time which will vary depending on where you are in resort, and the anticipated road and weather conditions. Ensure you provide a working telephone number and the correct flight time, so we can inform you of your pick up time.


Where do I wait for my transfer from Resort?

You should wait in a safe, visible and accessible position outside the pick-up point listed on your transfer ticket.

Our office will endeavour to update you on any delay to your transfer vehicle.


I have left some personal items / luggage on your vehicle. What do I do?

Firstly email our office with your name, booking reference and the time at which you travelled, plus the item you have lost, we will endeavour to contact the driver and locate the item- please note that during busy periods this can take 24 -48 hours. It is your responsibility to keep valuables safe whilst travelling on the transfer vehicle and also to ensure that all of your luggage is off-loaded at your destination.

Any property left on the vehicle will be returned to the ChamExpress Office in Les Houches or Geneva. Left property will be held for a maximum of 30 days before being destroyed or given to charity. Alternately if you are already in another country we can post small items for a flat fee of 30chf (to the UK, other countries may incur other charges). This may be revised for bulky items and is purely at our discretion.


How much luggage can I bring?

Our standard luggage allowance is 1 piece of hand luggage for free. You are also allowed 1 piece of checked luggage (under 23kg) at a charge of 1€ and a set of skis or snowboard at a charge of 2€ per passenger.  1 bike in a box/carry case is allowed at a charge of 10€. Any additional luggage will have a charge of 20€. Please check our terms and conditions.

We reserves the right to charge an excess baggage allowance fee or refuse to transport the items or the clients. The fees for excess luggage are 20 Euro per item. Bikes incur a 10 euro surcharge and must to be stated on the booking form prior to travel, if a bike is not declared on a booking, passengers will pay an on the spot charge of 50 Euro so be sure to book all items in adnvace.


Can I bring a pet/ animal?

We love all animals here at Chamexpress, but we do have to consider other passengers on board that may have allergies, so we cannot allow pets to travel on shared transfers. In this instance, we would suggest booking a private transfer, where you will be charged an additional 20€ for your pet. In any case, if you are looking at bringing a pet, please call our office to discuss this.


Do you provide Baby and Booster Seats?

We highly recommend that you travel with your own car seat. Most airlines including easyJet let you take this item free of charge in the hold luggage in addition to your normal baggage allowance. 

Alpybus can provide seats at an additional cost of 5€ per seat, per journey. We offer rear or front-facing seats as well as booster seats. please ensure your requirements are indicated on the booking.

Please note that baby seats are not mandatory if you travel in a coach by local law. If you have paid for a child seat and are provided with a coach on arrival, Alpybus will refund your charge for the child car seat.


Do children and babies travel for free or at a discount?

As children and babies legally require a seat in a transfer for safety reasons you must book a seat for them, they are charged at the same rate as an adult for this reason. It is illegal for a child to travel in an adult's lap.

Please note this law does not apply if you travel in a coach. If you have paid for a child seat and are provided with a coach on arrival, Alpybus will refund your charge for the child car seat.


What seat is suitable for my child?

If you are unsure whether our seats will be suitable for your child we recommend you bring your own to avoid any debate, just let us know on the booking. Here is our rough guide on which seat to choose for your children. PLEASE NOTE: In a coach, child seats are not mandatory.


Rear Facing -

Baby up to at least 15 months old depending on the child height and weight.


Front Facing -

Weight of child between 9-18kg, depending on the child - 9 months to 4 years old.


Booster -

Until the child exceeds 135cm or reaches 12 years of age.


Do you still have unanswered questions?

Please email our team at

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