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Terms and Conditions

1. Payment

1.1 The term ‘Client’ refers to any individual making a booking. In cases where there is a group of 2 passengers or more, this individual will automatically be allocated the status of ‘lead passenger’ and will be responsible for all persons travelling under the same booking.

1.2 The client accepts these booking conditions on behalf of each member of the booking party. The lead passenger will be the primary contact for all information and matters concerning the booking, including payment.

1.3 Payment can be made in 3 ways with the CHAMEXPRESS, MORZINEXPRESS, MEGEVEXPRESS, AOSTAEXPRESS hereinafter referred to as the company:

  • Online : If you are booking via website or email, please confirm all details are correct and use the 'Pay Now' link in the confirmation email. The booking is not confirmed until you make full payment.
  • Phone: with one of the company sales agents. Payment can be made with Visa, Mastercard or Amex (Amex will be charged in CHF). Once paid, the client will be issued an e-ticket.

 *Payment link: our customer service team is able to send a client a link via email. The link is available for 1 hour after the booking is made.

If the link expires, the client must email requesting a new link to be sent. If the client fails to do so, the reservation will be cancelled automatically.

If the payment has been processed successfully the client will be issued a confirmed E-ticket.

1.4 If no pre-payment has been made for the booking, the booking is not confirmed and the company reserves the right to cancel the booking at any point. All unpaid bookings will be cancelled automatically after 7 calendar days. The company has no responsibility or liability for bookings cancelled last minute because of lack of prepayment.

*Pending bookings fares will only be kept for 7 days. If the ticket has not been paid, price changes might be applied after one week from the booking date.

1.5 If there are any amendments to the booking and fare changes are necessary after the booking has been made, the company will produce written confirmation of these changes by email (if the client has provided an email address). If the client does not want to accept the fare change, then the company will cancel the booking and will apply the refund policy period.  Any amendments less than 48h prior to travelling must be made by phone. 

1.6 It is the client’s responsibility to check the booking details stated on their confirmed e-ticket. The company will not be held responsible for any errors made when making a booking by telephone or email.

1.7 Any bank or credit card charges incurred by the client when reserving with the company are made at the client's cost. Charges vary from bank to bank and will also vary depending on currency. The company accepts no liability for any charges incurred.

1.8 Receipts will be sent via email upon the client request.

1.9 Clients with previously arranged accounts with the company may choose to be invoiced for the services provided. All invoices must be settled according to the terms stated on the invoice. Failure to do so may result in a surcharge.

2. Bookings and Service Conditions

2.1 The booking confirmation email or the e-ticket must be presented to the driver for both the outward and return trips in either electronic or paper form. Failure to show an e-ticket on request may result in the client being unable to board the transfer.

2.2 When the customer makes the booking, either by telephone or email, they accept the Terms and Conditions of the company.

2.3 Modifications to bookings must be made online at https://book.the or inwriting via email to

Booking modifications requested will always be subject to availability. Any modification on a standard ticket will result in additional cost.





Extra luggage

after the purchase of your ticket adding additional luggage is possible by paying an extra fee




"Over-sized” or non-declared luggage fee

All "over-sized” baggage should be declared at the time of booking.

The company reserves the right to charge for additional luggage, equivalent to the price of a place in the vehicle, if the luggage has not been declared in advance.



fee might apply if it requires changing the vehicle

Extra ski equipment

after the purchase of your ticket adding additional equipment is possible by paying an extra fee



fee might apply if it requires changing the vehicle

Extra bike

after the purchase of your ticket adding another bike is possible by paying an extra fee



fee might apply if it requires changing the vehicle

Extra passenger

after the purchase of your ticket adding another passenger is possible depending on the capacity of the vehicle

purchase of a new ticket will be needed.

purchase of a new ticket will be needed

fee might apply if it requires changing the vehicle

Change date/hour

Clients may change the date or hour of their transfer subject to availability.

A fee of 5€ will be applied to all changes made 48 hours or more in advance of travel.

Any changes requested less than 48 hours in advance of travel will be subject to a 20.00€ fee.

No refund on price difference between door-to-door and point-to-point.

A fee of 0€ will be applied to all changes made 48 hours or more in advance of travel. 

Any changes requested less than 48 hours in advance of travel will be subject to a 20.00€ fee.  

 No refund on price difference between door-to-door and point-to-point.


A fee of 0€ will be applied to all changes made 48 hours or more in advance of travel. 

Any changes requested less than 48 hours in advance of travel will be subject to a 20.00€ fee.



Change address

Any change on address is subject to availability

A fee of 5€ will be applied to all changes made 48 hours or more in advance of travel.

Any changes requested less than 48 hours in advanced of travel will be subject to a 20.00€ fee.

A fee of 0€ will be applied to all changes made 48 hours or more in advance of travel. 

Any changes requested less than 48 hours in advance of travel will be subject to a 20.00€ fee. 

A fee of 0€ will be applied to all changes made 48 hours or more in advance of travel. 

Any changes requested less than 48 hours in advance of travel will be subject to a fee equals to 20% of the total price of the booking.

Extra pick-up/drop off point

Shared Transfer bookings must comply with a strict 1 drop off and 1 pick up policy per booking. Two pick up addresses or more must be on separate reservations.

purchase of a new ticket will be needed.

purchase of a new ticket will be needed.

subject to availability and additional charges




If you experience flight delays or cancellations that cause you to miss your transfer, you can take the next available transfer on the same day of your original ticket by paying the "Rescue fee”.

*Rescue fee is included on Flexi ticket




1 hour waiting courtesy on Airport Arrivals.

15 min waiting on Resort Departures.

More than 1 hour of waiting will be subject to availability and a 75.00 € fee per hour.


2.4 The company cannot provide credit for any booking. If clients wish tore-book at a later date, they must cancel their original booking and make a new one. If clients wish to change the date of their transfer the company must receive more than 7 days notice, otherwise the standard cancellation policy applies.

2.5 It is the client's responsibility to provide a mobile contact telephone number at the time of booking; this phone should be switched on and working at the time of travel and during their stay in the resort. The company must be able to contact the client at all times. The company is not responsible for any issues in the delivery of the transfer service as a result of the client failing to do so.

2.6 The company accepts no responsibility for incorrect information given by a client that results in either a flight or transfer being missed. This applies to phone bookings, email bookings and online bookings.

2.7 It is the client's full responsibility to accurately state their flight arrival and departure times so that correct collection times can be given. (The booking system collection times are in accordance to flight times not flight numbers)

2.8 It is the responsibility of the client to supply a valid address (street name, and road number required) within the borders of the resort they have selected. Addresses outside the borders of the resort selected will not be serviced. Please be advised that the booking system may automatically confirm the address, as it does not detect incorrect address details or addresses that are outside the borders of the resort. Once this mistake is detected, the booking will be cancelled if the address is not within the resort. Consequently, the booking will be subject to an extra charge.

2.9 When a client does not supply a full address or supplies an incorrect address, the driver will attempt to locate the accommodation for a period not exceeding 5 minutes for shared transfers and 20 minutes for private transfers, after this time the client’s will be dropped off at the resort tourist office (whether it is open or closed). If the transfer is a departure from the resort the transfer will be forced to leave the resort without the client.

2.10 If no accommodation details are received or invalid accommodation details are received for a departure transfer and the company is unable to make contact with the client, the company will cancel the booking, with no refund to be issued.

2.11 On shared services the company reserves the right to transport passengers in multiple vehicles during one transfer. Passengers may be transported in a large vehicle or coach from Geneva airport to a central location within a resort and then distributed into smaller feeder vehicles for the completion of a door-to-door service.

3.Cancellations and Refunds

3.1 All refund requests or cancellations need to be done in writing and sent via email to The company refund policy is as follows:


Flexi Ticket


Notice Period 0 to 2 day

0% refund given

0% refund given

0% refund given

Notice Period 2 to 7 days

0% refund given

50% voucher

50% refund given

Notice Period over 7 days

50% voucher

100% voucher

100% refund given

Notice Period more than 14 days

50% voucher

100% voucher

100% refund given

*The refund % is calculated on the original ticket price — extra luggage and seat options are exempt. Once you have booked your transfer any extra fees such as additional bags/ski bags/baby seats are non-refundable for standard tickets.

3.2 In order to use your voucher, please email info@chamexpress.comwith your booking reference. If the ride exceeds the amount of the voucher, you’ll need to pay the difference.

  • Vouchers are reusable: If the price you paid was lower than your voucher's value, it’s still valid for the amount left.
  • Give away your voucher: vouchers can be given to a friend!
  • Expiration dates cannot be adjusted: Once your voucher expires, 12 months from date of cancellation, it’s not possible to extend the expiration date or get a replacement. You must use your voucher to book a ride that take place before the voucher's expiration date.

3.3 Refunds will be issued up to 8 weeks from the date the refund was approved. Refunds will be sent back via the original payment method used. If you paid via Bank Transfer please supply your full bank details to process the refund (IBAN, SWIFT and address).

4. Luggage

4.1 All luggage must be clearly labelled with the client's name and destination address. The company does not take responsibility for customers taking incorrect luggage from the vehicle. All luggage must always be accompanied by a passenger. In any case the company will take care of the luggage without the owner present.

4.2 The company will take all reasonable care in the loading and carriage of luggage. The

client must stay with the luggage until it is loaded onto the bus. We accept no responsibility for luggage /items lost or damaged in transit. Clients are advised to check the terms of their travel insurance policy.

4.3 Our standard luggage allowance is:

  • 1 piece of hand luggage per passenger for free.
  • 1 piece of checked luggage (under 23 kg) at a charge of €1.00 per passenger
  • 1 set of skis or snowboard at a charge of €2.00 per passenger.
  • bike in a box/carry case is allowed at a charge of €10.00 per passenger.


Any additional luggage will have a charge of €20.00. All must be indicated at the time of booking.

The Ski/Snowboard bag:

  • must not exceed 23kg
  • Dimensions: Length 180cm, Width 33cm, Depth 24cm.


  • must be boxed
  • maximum dimensions: Length 147cm, Width 36cm, Depth 85cm.
  • Any excess luggage must also be declared at the time of booking.

4.4 For the comfort and safety of all passengers "over-sized” luggage must be declared at the time of booking. If the luggage has not been declared in advance, the company reserves the right to charge for additional luggage. The charge will be the equivalent to the price of a seat in the vehicle. If there is no room for it to be transported safely, the company can refuse to transport the luggage.

4.5 Fees applied must be paid before loading any luggage into the vehicle. Payment can be made either a tour desk or by calling our customer service team on the number +41 22 723 29 84. If this type of luggage has not been declared at the time of booking, we will refuse to transport it if there is not enough space available in the vehicle. In any case, we cannot be held responsible for delays or damages caused by delivery of this baggage.

4.6 In the event of a client having excess luggage at the airport, the company reserves the right to charge an excess baggage fee or refuse to transport the items or the clients.
The fee for excess luggage is €45.00.

4.7 The company is able to offer free transport of wheelchairs, provided they are folding

manual wheelchairs and that a note of this is made within the booking prior to travel. Please note we are unable to assist in the movement of clients to and from the vehicle. If the Client requires assistance to access and depart the vehicle this must be provided by the Client. If no assistance is provided, the company reserves the right to refuse the transport.

4.8 If the luggage is forgotten in the vehicle, the client must inform the company by email at the following The client shall arrange for a courier pick-up of said luggage or items at their own responsibility and expense. If an item forgotten during a transfer is not claimed within 4 weeks from said transfer, the company will be entitled to relinquish, destroy it or donate to charity.

5. Carriage of children and minors

5.1 Both local and national laws regarding the use of child seats for infants and children vary from country to country. The company will follow local legislation.

*The EU directive 2003/20/EC indicates that children must use an appropriate child seat until they reach 12 years of age or until they reach a height of 135 cm.

5.2The safety of our little passengers is especially important to us. Therefore, please note the following:

  • It is illegal for babies and children to travel in the lap of an adult. The company can provide appropriate child seats, as long as they are specified at the time of booking.
  • That all of our child seats are reversible, thus we strongly recommend parents travelling with infants under 1 year to bring their own. The company will provide baby seats based on the request on the reservation, and standard issue baby seats will be provided. Any client who requires non-standard equipment is advised to supply their own equipment.
  • Children up to 3 years of age, must be seated in a suitable child seat that can be secured with a 2-point seat belt. Note: If the client hasn’t booked a baby seat with the company, parents must bring their own child car seat with a seat belt adapter. Please understand that this is solely your responsibility. Passengers with children who don't have the child seat will be denied boarding.
  • Children up to 10 years must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children between 10 and 15 years can travel alone with a declaration of consent from their parent or guardian. Please understand that our bus drivers cannot provide any supervision for children.
  • From the age of 16, children may travel alone without any restrictions. Please just make sure that your child has all necessary documents and identification papers.

5.3 The correct size baby seat must be requested and the age/weight of the child must be advised. For your convenience a general guide has been provided:

  • Rear facing baby seat: group 0: up to 13kgs (29lbs) approx age range: birth to 12 – 15mths
  • Front facing child seat: group1/2/3: 9-25kgs (20-40lbs) approx age range: 9mths – 4 years
  • Booster cushion: group 3/4:from 22-36kgs (48-79lbs) approx age range: 6 - 11/12 years

5.4 An extra fee is applicable for the provision of baby seats by the company.

5.5Failure to request an appropriate child seat at the time of booking will mean we are unable to provide the transfer. In this instance, we will not be able to provide any refund for any of the persons in the booking, or offer an alternative transfer.

5.6 Babies and children pay a full seat price. The seat will be allocated to the client on the basis of what they selected on the online booking form. In the case that there is any dispute over the suitability of the seat, the company will not be held accountable for difference of opinion. To save this occurrence, parents are recommended to bring their own child seats.

5.7 Parents are responsible for the correct fitting of child seat restraints in the vehicles.

5.8 Parents, or minders (or friends over 18 years) of children and adolescents under the age of 18 years, are responsible for the conduct of these minors while in the company vehicles, and will be held responsible for any damage caused by the aforementioned minors.

6. Conditions of Travel

6.1 Clients who soil the interior of a van due to excess alcohol consumption, drugs or food and drink are liable to an on the spot fine of€150.00. This fine is payable immediately to the company driver. If the client refuses to pay, or has no money with which to pay, then the driver will file a police report.

6.2 The company reserves the right to refuse to carry any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle, or the other passenger(s). The company reserves the right to cancel the return transfer of any persons refused boarding on their inbound transfer due to the described behaviour.

6.3 Any damage caused to a company vehicle by a client must be paid for immediately. If payment cannot, or will not, be made then the company will be forced to take legal action against the customer(s) in question.

6.4 Smoking, eating, drinking and consumption of alcohol is forbidden in all the company

vehicles. Clients must remove all personal rubbish when they leave the vehicles, clients who do not will be subject to the fine outlined in clause6.1.

6.5 Clients must not act in an abusive or threatening manner to any staff member or other passengers. Clients behaving in a threatening, angry or abusive manner will have their ticket cancelled on the spot and the company will provide no refund for the original booked ticket and will not be liable for any further costs incurred by the client as a result of a cancelled ticket.

6.6 The company does not allow pets to travel due to consideration of other passengers on-board and for the protection of our vehicles. It is possible to travel with pets in a private transfer if the pet is in its own spill proof carrier. Exceptions will be made for service dogs where the customer will need the relevant supporting documents and will need to notify the company in advance of travel.

6.7Clients must wear their seat belts at all times.

6.8 In case of force majeure, the company may be forced to explore other transport options for customers. This will only arise when there is a substantial risk to the customer and driver involved in attempting the journey, and this decision will rest solely with the management of the company. Payment for any extra transport taken will be made by the customer, however the company will provide documentation to aid the customer in claiming back any payments from their holiday insurance provider.

6.9 In the event that the company driver is unable to reach a customer drop off point or pick up point due to bad weather, road conditions, or the transfer vehicle being too large to access certain properties, the customer must attempt to make their own way to a suitable, safe, pickup location or may be required to make the rest of the journey on foot or via other transport means. The company is not liable for any additional costs incurred in this instance. The company recommends clients to check their accommodation and resort information before travel and be aware of any potential access issues.

6.10 Clients arriving/departing on the French side of Geneva airport must make their own way to/from the Swiss side of the airport. Clients arriving/departing via Terminal 2 (charter flight) of Geneva airport must make their own way to/from the arrivals' hall in the main terminal and meet our airport team and driver at our desk.

6.11 The company reserves the right to modify the type of vehicle used for all transfers.

Vehicles may vary in order to accommodate any number of passengers from 2 to 50. This may include coaches and larger mini buses, as well as smaller vehicles. If you have purchased Premium Plus Tickets for private transfers, and we are unable to provide the Mercedes Brand due to operational reasons, you will be refunded the difference between your original purchase price and the cost of a regular private transfer.

6.12 The company may require passengers to change vehicles during the course of the booked transfer. This is considered normal practice on all shared transfers aligned with Sustainability Action Plan in order to reduce our Foot Carbon print.

6.13 Shared Transfer bookings must comply with a strict 1 drop off and 1 pick up policy per booking. Two pickup/ drop off addresses or more must be on separate reservations. For private transfers, if you wish to add multiple pick up or drop off addresses, this service is made solely at the company discretion and is subject to availability, additional charges will be added on your booking for this service.

7. Conditions of Service

7.1 The company schedules transfers to arrive at the airport no less than 1.5 hours before the flight departure time under normal conditions. If clients wish to arrive at the airport with more time, the company must be notified at least 3 days before travel.

7.2 A client requesting to leave the resort later than the recommended time does so entirely at their own risk and the company will not be held accountable for a missed flight or additional costs as a result of this decision.

7.3 The company reserves the right to select both arrival and departure times on its shared transfer service.

  • On arrival the transfer time is set approximately an hour after the flight arrival time given by the client.
  • On departure from the resort the company aims to get clients to the airport between 1.5 to 4 hours before their flight departs.

Any changes:

  • Over 2 hours will result in a voucher of 4.50 CHF to use as a token in any bar/cafeteria with our partner's company.
  • 0ver 4 hours will result in a full refund for the client.

*This does not apply to clients who missed their transfer due to a flight delay, cancellation or errors made within their booking or during the inter-season months when transfers are running on a limited service.

The company will attempt to keep the client informed of all changes, however these changes may be last minute in the case of unplanned events e.g. inclement weather, police controls, traffic, etc. If the transfer time is unsuitable for the client the company offers no compensation for additional costs incurred for alternative travel.

7.4 The company will not incur any liability whatsoever in the event of any delay due to causes beyond its control (force majeure). The following clause outlines examples of these causes but are not limited to:

  • Accidents on route causing delays to the vehicle.
  • Exceptional or severe weather conditions.
  • Compliance with requests of the police.
  • Deaths and accidents on the road.
  • Vandalism and terrorism.
  • Traffic delays, road closures and diversions.
  • Industrial action by third parties.
  • Issues and delays caused by other customers.
  • The vehicle being held or delayed by a police officer or government official.
  • Other circumstances affecting passenger safety
  • Road closures due to local fiestas or other events.
  • Properties that are not accessible by the type of vehicle booked.
  • Acts of God, flood, earthquake, avalanche or any other natural disaster.
  • Epidemic or pandemic.
  • War, threat of war or similar.
  • Fire or explosion.
  • Terrorist attack or riots.

7.5 The company is not responsible for any flight delays. In the event of a flight being cancelled or severely delayed, the client is deemed to have missed their booked transfer. If an alternative flight is arranged :

  • Same day of travelling : rescue fee might apply depending on your ticket type. Please refer to our clause 2.3
  • Travelling another day: cost of a new booking.

*If the next transfer available results on the following day. In this instance the company offers no compensation or liability for costs incurred.

*All subject to availability, no refund will be provided for the original booked ticket.

7.6 In the event of a flight delay, clients must go to the company transfer desk. The airport team will relocate the client to the next transfer available depending on the ticket that you have purchased. Please refer to the clause 2.3

This may result in a wait on arrival, or a transfer the following day. It may also result in the sharing of a vehicle with other passengers (in the instance that a private transfer was booked)or it could mean there is no longer a transfer available for the client.

Should the client not wish to wait for the next available transfer, they will be free to arrange alternative transport at their own cost. No refund for the original booked transferor compensation for additional costs incurred will be payable by the company.

7.7 Flight delays on Private Transfers: The company driver will wait for flight delays landing up to 1 hour after the original scheduled flight arrival time. After 1 hour clients could be subject to a wait on arrival or different type of service being provided, extra fees will be applied, please refer to clause 2.3.

7.8 If a new transfer cannot be provided, the client will be supplied with a statement stating that they were unable to travel on the original booking, this may be used to make a claim via their travel insurance. No refund will be issued for the original ticket and the company is not liable for any additional costs incurred.

7.9 In the event of a significant delay caused by delayed/ lost luggage, clients are asked to keep the company informed of the length of delay. For clients arriving at the airport, It is the responsibility of the airline and or handling agent of the airline to deliver any lost luggage to the passenger.

7.10 Delayed luggage on shared transfer: the company reserves the right to cancel the original booking and reschedule a new transfer to cater for the delay in waiting for the lost luggage. In this case, passengers will be charged for the new additional transfer. The company will not reimburse the original booking or compensate for any additional costs incurred. The company will, however, provide documentation to the customer that can be used as proof to their insurance provider in order to recoup any money lost.

In the event that the company is unable to accommodate the new arrival time following a delay in a client's luggage, we will be unable to provide a refund for your original transfer booking. Clients are advised to check the terms of their travel insurance.

7.11 Delayed luggage on private transfers: the company will wait for a maximum of 30 minutes after the confirmed pickup time of the passengers. If after this time, the luggage has not arrived, it is the responsibility of the client to rearrange the transport of the luggage to their final destination. Any extra waiting time will result in an additional fee and will be subject to availability. Please refer to clause 2.3.

7.12 It is the responsibility of the airline and not the company to deliver any lost luggage

to the customer. If the transfer is missed due to Airline luggage delay, no refund will be provided, and the standard terms and conditions of a delay (7.9) will be applicable. Any claims will need to be taken up with the airline in question.

7.13 The company offers no guarantee that they can still supply the transfer requested whether informed in advance of a flight or luggage delay or not.

7.14 Flights landing early: the company will endeavour to get the client to resort as soon as possible. However, if the client's flight lands early the wait time is based only on the original transfer time.

7.15 Transfer time changes and delays – In the instance that a client transfer time is altered either to or from resort or the vehicle is delayed, and the client does not wish to wait for the vehicle, they will be free to arrange alternative transport. However, no refund for the original booking or compensation will be payable by the company if the delay is within the normal wait times indicated in clause 7.3.

7.16 In the case that a customer is unable to take their transfer as a result of delayed, cancelled or missed flights and the customer incurs additional costs arranging alternative travel, the company will provide on request a written statement as to the reason these additional costs were incurred. However, the company will not be liable for any of these additional costs nor will the company provide any refund for the original booked service.

7.17 The company will not be responsible for arranging alternate travel for clients who miss their transfers on either arrival or departure. Nor will the company be liable for a refund of the original ticket or any new costs incurred.

7.18 Departure transfers: In the situation that the client is not at the specified meeting point at the arranged time, the driver will wait for a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes on a shared transfer service and 15 minutes on a private transfer service. After this time the customer will be deemed a ‘no show’ and the company will give no refund for the transfer and will not be liable for any later problems or costs that arise due to clients missing their transfer.

7.19 Diverted flights: If a client flight is diverted to another airport, it will be their responsibility to make their way to Geneva Airport. The company will not be liable to arrange or provide clients with transport to Geneva airport and the standard flight delay policy will apply in the case of missed transfers (please refer to clause 7.8)

7.20 Out of season transfers: the company allows clients to book transfers during the Interseason. During this season the wait times and pick up times on shared transfers can exceed the time change amount of 2 hours. The company will also use its partner services to outsource clients bookings if necessary. Due to limited Interseason services we do not apply discounts for delayed wait or arrival times.

8. Resort Specific Terms

8.1 Our main drop-off and pick up points for shared transfers are:








* Vallorcine - In case of road or Col closure the company will drop off / Collect at Argentiere Train Station.



*AVORIAZ WELCOME CENTER (outside of Prodains cable car Opening hrs)



MONTRIOND ROUNDABOUT GPS 46.201993, 6.683055



Utiliser le plan d'undocument












LES MENUIRES,LES BRUYÈRES (next to hotel Les Bruyeres)








TIGNE 1800





8.2 Clients must ensure they arrive at the pick-up point 5 minutes prior to their pick uptime. Clients must ensure they know the location of their pickup point prior to taking their transfer. The company will not be liable if clients miss their transfer because they could not find the pickup point.

8.3 The company is not obligated to wait for any clients who are late for their transfer, nor will the client be entitled to a refund for their booking should they miss their transfer. As mentioned in the clause 7.18 the company will not be liable for any cost incurred by the client missing their transfer.

8.4 The company will endeavour to run the service punctually. However, delays caused by traffic or other external factors, any delay within 1 hour is considered normal on the shared shuttle service.

8.5 In the instance where a resort is pedestrianised or has restricted parking areas, a new collection point will be arranged. The company will not cover any additional costs incurred by the client to reach these points.

9. General Terms

9.1 The client is strongly recommended to have holiday/travel insurance. In the case that transfer delays occur - causing missed flights and other such costly events the company will not be held liable for the cost. The company will, however, provide documentation to the customer that can be used as proof to their insurance provider in order to recoup any money lost.

9.2 In events beyond the company’ control, due to unforeseen eventualities that would compromise the company’ effectiveness and ability to provide the transfer, the company

reserves the right to combine private and shared transfers , outsource transfers or cancel any transfers at short notice.

9.3 The company reserves the right to outsource bookings to other licensed transport companies. The company does so with suppliers of transfer services using reasonable skill and care. The company is not responsible for any changes in fare with the new provider, when travelling with a Partner Company passengers may be subject to changes in terms, and other operating conditions.

9.4 In the instance of a client having connections to make (such as bus, train or other transportation)the company bus will not be held liable for any costs incurred for any missed or lost connections resulting from a transfer delay or time change.

9.5 Nothing can affect the clients statutory rights. The company SARL terms and conditions are governed by Swiss Law. By accepting these terms and conditions, you are accepting the terms specific to the transfer type you are booking, which are detailed in the description of the transfer service, shown at the quote stage of the booking process.

9.6 Any issues relating to the service provided by Chamexpress, Aostaexpress, Morzinexpress and Megevexpress should be put in writing and emailed to All feedback must be received in writing. The company will endeavour to reply to all emails within seven days of their receipt.

9.7 As the well-being and safety of our passengers and drivers is our highest priority, we have taken several measures to help you safely travel by vehicle. By making a booking with us, you agree that you have read these Terms& Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

9.8 It is your responsibility to ensure you are fit for travel. Before making any travel plans, please check entry and stay requirements determined by the relevant national authorities in your transit and destination countries.

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